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How to be Slim (BBC) Full Documentary 58 minutes

How to be SlimOurs is a world where it seems everyone is on, just finished, or about to start, a diet. The only really successful way to become slim is to change our lifestyle: to do more exercise and eat well. We explored some of the biggest dieting myths. Read about the studies and watch the films in our interactive player and take a look at some Takeaway Tips on how to be slim.

After trying every diet in the book, a family of dieters are about to give up until the latest nutritional science comes to their aid. Sit back as THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD reveals the foods that keep you feeling fuller for longer, how dairy products may hold the secret to reducing calorie absorption, and whether or not the speed of our metabolism really determines how fat we are. Metabolism and Weight, We all think a slow metabolism inhibits us from losing weight. But where does the myth come from and can metabolism really be to blame for weight gain? (Playlist 6 videos) 58 minutes 

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