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» 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction - Full Documentary 2 hours 27 m.
» 7/7: What Did They Know? London Bombings Documentary
» 9 11 Blueprint for Truth - Architect Richard Gage
» 9/11 - Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out
» 9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy
» 9/11 Synthetic Terror : The Precedents & The Reality - Webster Tarpley
» 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory (The Corbett Report) 2011
» 9/11: Missing Links
» A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon
» America: Freedom to Fascism
» Apollo Zero
» BBC Conspiracy Files: 7/7
» Conspiracy?: TWA Flight 800
» Core Of Corruption: In The Shadows - A documentary film series which details a comprehensive investigation into clandestine intelligence operations and conspiracies.
» Esoteric Agenda
» Evidence of Revision
» Fallen Angels and the New World Order: Age Of Deceit:
» Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire
» In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories of the 9/11 Families
» inFact
» Inside Secret Government Warehouses
» Invisible Empire. A New World Order Defined
» JFK to 911: A Rich Man's Trick
» Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup
» Loose Change, Final Cut
» Love, Reality and the Time of Transition
» Molon Labe
» National Geographic: Inside 9/11
» New World Order: What Do You Believe?
» Secret History of the Freemasons
» September 11: The New Pearl Harbor ( 2013 )
» SHADE the Motion Picture
» Sibel Edmonds Documentary - Kill The Messenger
» State of Mind the Psychology of Control
» Stolen Glory: The Cover-up of Cosmonaut Vladimir Ilyushin
» The Diana Conspiracy
» THE GREAT CONSPIRACY (French subtitles)
» The Great Culling: Our Water
» The Great Culling: Our Water
» THE INDUSTRY OF CONSPIRACY - the fifth estate
» The Light Bulb Conspiracy
» The men behind Barack Obama
» The Men Who Killed Kennedy
» The New American Century
» The New American Century
» The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
» The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
» The Power Principle - ( Full 3 part )
» The Power Principle - II: Propaganda
» The Power Principle - III Apocalypse
» The Sensible Doubt
» The Tobacco Conspiracy
» Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11
» Unlawful Killing
» War By Deception 2013 (Updated 9/11 Documentary)
» War Promises - Terror management Full
» Why in the World are They Spraying?
» ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11
» Zero: An Investigation into 9/11
» 97% Owned - Monetary Reform
» A Film About Economic Democracy
» A Robin Hood Tax To Take Back Our Economy
» Aftermath of a crisis (Bregtje van der Haak)
» All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
» An Inconvenient Death
» Capitalism Hits the Fan and Q&A with Professor Richard Wolff
» Capitalism is Just a Story
» Capitalism Is The Crisis (Full Documentary)
» Capitalism: A Love Story
» Capping bonuses: Too little, too late?
» China: Inventing Innovation
» Chongqing: Invisible City
» Collapse (2009)
» Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood
» Counting the Cost - China's economic transformation
» Counting the Cost - Where is the global economy heading?
» Counting the Cost : Argentina's great decline
» Crony Capitalism - Advice For Market Libertarians
» Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us
» Debt Collapse - $20,000 Gold - Gold, Silver & Economics
» DEBT: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
» Debtocracy
» Design the New Business
» Enough Is Enough (2014)
» EU agrees to Spanish bailout: A recipe for a disaster, not for salvation.
» Europe at the Brink
» Flying the Flag, Arming the World
» Four Horsemen (2012)
» Fraud, Why The Great Recession Happened
» Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril
» Has capitalism proven its durability?
» How China Fooled The World - BBC
» How the Economic Machine Works
» How the Rich Beat the Taxman
» How to Survive the Meltdown
» How to Win the Loser's Game
» I Want The Earth (plus 5%)
» Inside Job - 2010
» Inside Story - Spain: Is austerity the answer?
» Inside The Bank That Ran Out Of Money - RBS
» Inside the Banker's Brain
» Is India's economy at a standstill?
» Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind The Federal Reserve (2013)
» John Oliver: Student Debt (HBO)
» Land of Milk and Honey
» Meltdown
» MELTUP: This is the beginning of a U.S. currency crisis
» Milk Run - The story behind New Zealand's milk boom
» Million Dollar Traders: Ep 1, 2 & 3
» Mind Over Money: Can markets be rational when humans aren't?
» Money & Speed: The Flash Crash
» Money and Life
» Money as Debt 3: Evolution Beyond Money
» Moving from aid to trade
» Mr. Debt — Andrew Capoccia, whiz lawyer for credit-card debtors
» Naomi Klein says climate activists need to get comfortable attacking capitalism
» Narrowing Asia's gap between rich and poor
» Nick Hanauer's TED Talk On Income Inequality
» No Logo: Brands, Globalization & Resistance
» Not for sale
» Oil, The Great Challenge
» Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
» Permanently Temporary: The Truth About Temp Labor
» Phantom Shares
» Phantom Shares: Failed Trades and Naked Shorts
» Predatory Lending - Beware The Pitfalls Of Payday lending
» Princes of the Yen: Transformation of the Economy -2014
» Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
» Real Estate 4 Ransom
» Renegade Economist Show - The Pilot
» Secret History of the Credit Card
» Silver & Gold: Hidden Secrets of Money
» Slave Labour in the United Kingdom
» The Ascent of Money
» The Ascent of Money
» The Chicago Sessions
» The Corporation
» The Costco Craze: Inside the Warehouse Giant
» The Debt Time Bomb That is Britain
» The economic malaise and its perils
» The Fabulous Life Of Wallstreet Brokers
» The Failure of Quantitative Easing
» The Fake Trade: Counterfeiting
» The Fall of Lehman Brothers
» The Food Speculator
» The Food Speculator
» The Great Depression
» The Great Depression (Full 53 minutes)
» The Great Euro Crash - 2012
» The Great Euro Crash with Robert Peston
» The Greek Resistance
» The House Of Rothschild - The Money's Prophets
» The Last Days Of Lehman Brothers
» The Loser’s Game. How to Win
» The Mayfair Set
» The Midas Formula: Trillion Dollar Bet Documentary
» The Minimum Wage
» The Money Masters
» The Money Trap - How the Banks Lure You into Debt
» The New Rulers of The World - Produced by John Pilger
» The One Percent
» The Orient Excess - China
» The Party's Over: How the West Went Bust
» The Party's Over: How the West Went Bust
» The Party's Over: How the West Went Bust, Episode 2
» The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
» The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power
» The Red Tail
» The Samurai Warrior of Silicon Valley
» The Secret of Oz
» The Smartest Guys In The Room: Enron
» The Tax Free Tour
» The Truth about Payday Loans
» The Untouchables
» The USA's new underclass: Wage Crisis
» The Wall Street Code (2013)
» The world's richest city
» Three Questions: What Do You Propose? by Peter Joseph
» TR3ASON: Capitalism, Terror and Doom
» TTIP Behind Close Doors
» Unprecedented Economic Explosion. - Myanmar
» USA Debt - Ten Trillion and Counting
» Wage Gap - with John Oliver
» Wal Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price
» Warren Buffett Revealed
» When Bankers Were Good
» Who Gets the Best Jobs?
» Will Wall Street reforms fix the US economic problem?
» Will Work For Free - 2013
» Conscious Dreaming - ARE YOU AWAKE? Follows three beginners as they immerse themselves in the world of lucid dreaming.
» HOW TO BREAK INTO NTHE USA? - Despite the minutemen and increased border surveillance, the number of Mexicans attempting to cross into
» Norwegian documentary series examining the lives of sweatshop workers in Cambodia through the eyes of three young, relatively wealthy Norwegian
» 10 DAYS IN NORTH KOREA - Rare access to this unique country, which may seem to have leapt from the pages of a dystopian novel, to see what life is really like
» 10 Things You Didn't Know About Earthquakes
» 24 Hours of Reality
» A Burning Question - Propaganda & the Denial of Climate Change
» A Dream Preferred - It tells the story of the Taharka Brothers and their Original American Ice Cream Culture. Their flavors are named after social activists and the company is named
» A LIFE IN JAPAN - Ever wondered how it would be to live in Japan? In this documentary a variety of foreigners tell about their experiences, likes and dislikes.
» A POWERFUL NOISE - three extraordinary women in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mali and Vietnam as they lead day-to-day battles against ignorance, poverty, oppression
» A River of Waste
» A VIRUS CALLED FEAR - Very few people understand the programming of fear, and why it distorts our perceptions. While fear is a program used for our survival
» A World Without Water
» ACID TEST: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification
» Addicted to Plastic (Trailer)
» Adopted - Adopting a child seems a lot easier than it really is. Many families are erroneously led into thinking that the only thing that a child needs in order to
» Aerosol Crimes aka Chemtrails
» All Things Are Connected - While our ethical traditions know how to deal with homicide and even genocide these traditions collapse entirely when confronted
» American Addict - the United States can represent only 5% of the world's population and still be the country that consumes the most legal drugs.
» Anatomy of a Snow Day - When TV meteorologists start using big words like accumulation, whiteout, and wind chill factor, adults know its time to head to
» Around the World in 80 Gardens: America
» At the Edge of the World
» Australia's Overflowing Nuclear Waste Dumps
» Banana Land - It's the most consumed fruit in the United States although it's grown hundreds of miles away. But consumers are oblivious to what it takes to get
» Beautiful Minds of Savants: In the field of brain research the savant - an individual with mental, behavioral, or even physical disability who possesses acute powers of...
» BEER IS CULTURE - Is not only about the successes of the brewers. As many entrepreneurs have come to find out, timing and execution play a large role
» Being Me (2015) - Being Me is the sensitive and insightful exploration of Isabelle's revelation, and her quest to realize her true identity through gender
» Between the Peaks
» Billions in Change - This film is the story about a group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions they have made to change the lives of billions of people
» Biophilic City
» BOOBS: BOOBS is a documentary about one young woman's journey through the beauty industry. British model Andeleana Muir has moved from London to New York
» Canadian Cannabis: The Dark Grey Market. Cannabis in Canada is still widely illegal.
» Carbon for Water
» Catalyst: Earth on Fire
» Circus Rosaire: For nine generations the Rosaire family has brought laughter and joy to the world through their work as circus performers. Torn between tradition ...
» Colombia's gold rush
» Complicated Women: A look at actresses who starred in films with thought-provoking subjects made between 1929-1934 - before the Hollywood Production Code
» Confessions of an Eco Terrorist
» Crude - The Incredible Journey of Oil
» CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil
» Cutting Your Meat: The Environmental Impact of Meat Production (2012)
» David versus Monsanto - (Spanish) Interview (English) P. Schmeiser:
» Deepest Sea Highway: Busan to Geoje
» Defenders of the Spirit Forest
» Detox or Die - Ibogaine, known to set users free from their addictions after enduring 36 hours of horrendous hallucinations. The treatment involved the risk of death.
» Devil's Playground - The Amish live in separated, enclosed communities in which they continue to hold on to their traditions and customs. They deliberately
» Digital Food - It is estimated that by the year 2050, the world population will reach nine billion. Digital Food asks how we will feed this future population
» Dirt! The Movie (Trailer)
» Discovery Channel - Global Warming, What You Need To Know
» Do The Math
» Earth Under Water
» Earthlings
» Edible City: Grow the Revolution (Trailer)
» Egomania - Everyone has an ego, a healthy strong ego is the basis of a successful driven individual, but what can happen when an ego goes too far? When can someone really
» El Chapo: CEO of Crime - Joaquin Guzman Loera, better known as El Chapo, which is slang for Shorty, is officially the world's most powerful drug trafficker. His Mexican drug
» End of the Nile - Egypt
» End: Civ Resist or Die
» EUROMANIA - The European Union was one of the most brilliant ideas of modern society. It meant freedom, the end of wars, 28 countries joined together, one single
» Fagbug: Erin Davies, a student at Sage Colleges in New York was victim to a hate crime in Albany. Somebody vandalized her car by writing the words
» FAILURE TO OBEY: Nearly 200 million United States citizens are currently residing in regions known as constitutional free zones. These zones include
» Fatal Soybean
» Fire Water - Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace
» Firenado: Australia's Fire Vortex - The Catastrophic Mix Of Bushfire And Tornado. Tracking the spread of the deadly bushfires in Australia's Capital Territory.
» First Earth: Building Healthy Houses
» Flow - For Love of Water
» Frack Them All! ‘Safe’ Drilling In US - 2014
» FREE SOLOING: Alone On The Wall - Alex Honnold is taking the high-stakes sport of free solo climbing to new heights. The Half Dome and Moonlight Buttress are
» Fueling The Future - Earth In The Future
» GasLand
» GASLAND Part II (Trailer)
» GENERATION LIKE - ARE KIDS USING SOCIAL MEDIA OR IS SOCIAL MEDIA USING KIDS? - Technology is here to stay and its changing all of our lives, especially the
» George on George: An interview with the iconic comedian George Carlin. He recounts his early career from childhood dreams of becoming an actor like
» Getting into Cirque Du Soleil - Canada's world-famous Cirque du Soleil is not your typical big top spectacle. With 22 shows around the world, it has become an international
» Green Death of the Forests
» Green Gold - Documentary by John D. Liu
» Hallucinogen Honey Hunters - n Nepal where there is an unusual tribe of honey hunters called Gurung. These people are reserved and discreet and they live almost cut off
» High Sierra: A Journey on the John Muir Trail - They were friends who were determined to add some change to their daily routine.
» HOLD FAST: HAITI - ... Rescued a derelict boat from the inhospitable waters of Ft. Lauderdale, named it the S/V Pestilence, and sailed south to Haiti.
» HOME Documentary
» HOME: The film is almost entirely composed of aerial shots of various places on Earth. It shows the diversity of life on Earth and how humanity is threatening the
» HOW MUSIC WORKS - An intriguing and original guide to acoustics. With lively discussions of the secrets behind harmony, timbre, keys, chords, loudness, musical
» How to Make an Attractive City
» How to Make Better Decisions - According to science: We are bad at making decisions. Our decisions are based on oversimplification, laziness and prejudice.
» HOW TV RUINED YOUR LIFE - Ever wondered why life doesn't measure up to those youthful lofty expectations? From love and money to fear and progress,
» HOW WILL WE LOVE? - Successful relationships are based on something that our modern culture knows very little about: real commitment. When a relationship
» HUMAN - stories from thousands of men and women from 60 different parts of the world. The stories capture the realities of life: sexual identity, anger, poverty, war, love...
» Human Instincts - In this documentary series we go deep into the human body to learn why the most basic of instincts means we`re destine to survive as a species...
» I AM FISHEAD - How psychopaths and antidepressants influence our society. A provocative snapshot of the world we live in. It is a well-known fact
» Iboga Nights - In the mid 80s, David Graham Scott started experimenting with film and with drugs. His experiments led him to become an addict with an aimless hollow
» Immigrants For Sale
» In LIFE AFTER LIFE Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced
» India: Killer Spray - 101 East
» Inside the Garbage of the World
» Keystone PipeLIES Exposed
» KIDS WITH GUNS: UK's Army Cadet Force - Smartly uniformed and proudly representing Queen and Country, the young cadets are taught to embody British
» Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron, 2081 depicts a dystopian future in which, thanks to the 212th Amendment to the Constitution and the unceasing vigilance
» Legend of Marilyn Monroe - Marilyn Monroe just wanted to be wanted. She was Hollywood’s sex goddess; a figure still recognized to this day.
» Life After Suicide
» Little Ice Age: Big Chill
» LIVERPOOL: THE CENTER OF A GLOBAL SLAVE TRADE - a time when men and women were uprooted and sold for the profit of others
» Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution - Hitch a ride with charismatic gerontologist Michael Rose as he leads us to where the cutting-edge science in life extension
» Locally Abundant
» Lost Generation of Sudan: This is a story of how a group of children experienced humanity at its worst and yet survived to make a future for themselves. These children
» Lost on the Atlantic - Their sailing vessel has been meticulously crafted from materials which existed in the Stone Age,
» Love and the Time of Transition - All you need is Love. That's what John Lennon was singing and he may well be right,
» Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola
» Mercury: The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs
» Momenta - activating communities to rethink fossil fuels and their negative impact on the climate and the environment.
» MONEY AND LIFE is a passionate and inspirational essay-style documentary that asks a provocative question: can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster, but
» Monsanto: The Poison Expert That Wants to Feed Us
» More Than a Game - The truly devoted gamers highlighted in the documentary More Than a Game live for the thrill of competition. They are the masters of their domain,
» Mother: Caring for 7 Billion (Trailer)
» My Breasts and I (BBC) - The film follows 3 women with small breast as they turn to everything from suctioning to herbals pills and photo therapy in an attempt to try
» My Small Breasts and I - About three women whose lives are dominated by having small breasts. The film follows them as they turn to everything
» Natascha: The Girl In The Cellar - kidnapped by Wolfgang Priklopil on her way to school in March 1998 and held captive for eight-and-a-half years before she escaped.
» Nomads Life
» Nuclear Exodus: Pandora's Promise Was a Lie
» Nuclear Fruit: How the Cold War Shaped Video Games - The Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union sparked a series of reverberations
» Off The Grid | A Family's Journey To Building An Off The Grid Home.
» Oil and Water - the complex relationship between coastal Cajuns in Louisiana and the oil and gas industry. It follows the Terrebone family and their seafood business.
» Oil Smoke & Mirrors
» Oil Storm (Full 1 hour 30 minutes)
» One Day in the Life of an Organic Rice Farmer
» Our Daily Bread (Unser taglich Brot)
» Our Rising Oceans 2015
» Over the Wheel: Guadalajara
» Overfishing and more: SEA THE TRUTH
» Paragraph 175 - look at the persecution of homosexuals during the Third Reich. German historian and member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Muller
» Paris in Motion
» Park
» Parking Mad in UK - BBC
» Pedal Driven - A bikeumentary
» Perspectives on Mobile Living: Without Bound
» Peru, THE NEW KING OF COCAINE: The United Nations announced in 2013 that Peru has overtaken Colombia as the world's top producer of coca, the raw plant material
» Plasticized Documentary
» Polar Bear Man Returns to the Arctic
» Salmon Confidential
» Sexy Inc., Our Children Under Influence - analyzes the hypersexualization of our environment and its noxious effects on young people. Psychologists, teachers and ...
» Shelter Story: Pak Mie
» Singapore's Vertical Farms
» Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy - This documentary celebrates the freedom from everyday life that Skatopia offers.
» Snowball Earth
» Spain's Ghost Villages
» Sprawling from Grace: Driven to Madness
» Strange Days on Planet Earth
» Super Hurricanes
» Superhuman: Genius - Where does genius come from? Is it the byproduct of tireless work, developmental happenstance or divine inspiration?
» SYMBOLISM IN LOGOS - We begin the show discussing the symbolism of two major corporations, Starbucks and Apple. What is really being said in logos?
» That's Not Funny - An examination of the history of taboo subjects and controversy in comedy, and one comedy fan's heartfelt and passionate defense of an art form.
» The Big Fix
» The Big Picture - an artist's journey to turn an aging warehouse that was about to be demolished into possibly the worlds largest disposable camera.
» The Biggest Prison System in History - How did it come to be that America's prison population is the largest in the civilized world.
» The Boy Who Should Have Lived - Chazz Petrella had an idyllic childhood, 4 older siblings, loving parents, a hobby farm. But that all changed when his rages ...
» The Call of the Hummingbird
» The Chain Gang
» The Cove: Mercury Rising
» The Death of the Oceans - BBC
» The Devil at your Heels
» The Digital Love Industry - Now we are nearing the possibility of falling in love with your computer, as meeting your dream partner could be as easy as slipping on
» The Eternal Human | Mockumentary on Environmentalism & Dehumanization
» The Fastest Changing Place On Earth - The story of modern China told through the eyes of the villagers forced to sell their homes and give up their land to make way for
» The Great American Oil Spill
» The Great Global Warming Swindle
» The Greater Good: A Hitchhike Perspective - ... his world travelers as he talks to fellow hitchhikers about how they were able to travel the world with almost no cash ...
» The Greatest Story of Our Generation
» The Green Chain
» The Hyperwomen - Deep in the jungle of Mato Grosso, this sparkling documentary follows preparations for a Jamurikumalu ritual: a festival of singing and dancing ...
» The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz - A moving documentary that will leave you heartsick as well as more than a little angry. Whether Aaron Swartz is ...
» The Land of Fires - Toxic Waste
» The Last Farmer
» The Light Bulb Conspiracy
» The Mafia Is Trashing Italy... Literally
» The Man Inside Dame Edna - Barry Humphries: Dame Edna Everage is a character created and performed by Australian comedian Barry Humphries, famous for her lilac-coloured ...
» The Mobile Love Industry - A provocative new documentary short from VICE, explores this phenomenon as it relates to the mobile app.
» The Mountain of Mystery
» The Nature of Cities
» The Nature of Existence - What are the answers to the great questions of life, and who is certain they know the truth others have been struggling to find
» The Personals - Onstage, players perform their roles with energy and laughter; offstage, their lives are often lived alone, and in silence. THE PERSONALS paints a
» The Psychopath Next Door: This film explores the possibility that anyones boss could theoretically be a psychopath and asks how can we deal with such individuals?
» The Rise of History's Biggest Empire - Explores the origins and current mechanics behind America's forceful dominance on the world stage.
» THE SCIENCE OF LUST - Thinking back to the last time you were newly in love, it will come as no surprise to you that the chemicals released into the blood when you were
» The Secret World Of Lewis Carroll - 2015
» The Secretive World of the Triads: Inside Chinatown Mafia - When Hong Kong mobsters, known as a Triad, move into San Franciscos Chinatown, the traditional
» The Selfish Ape: The Tribe of Suit
» The Simulation Hypothesis - Teasing that there are cutting edge physics experiments that imply Simulation Hypothesis could be true, the film begins by reviewing two ...
» The Sky is Pink
» The Smoking Years (BBC)
» The South Korean Love Industry: With one of the lowest birth rates in the world, South Korea is in danger of disappearing by the end of the millennium.
» The Story of Stuff
» The Story of Technoviking - If we could understand scientifically what it is that causes certain content to go viral, companies could deliberately design viral..
» The Superior Human?
» The Superior Human?
» The Transition to Urban Resilience
» The Truth About the Global Warming Agenda
» THE WINE INDUSTRY - A documentary series about the wine industry. From vineyard worker to chief winemaker. The film unwittingly becomes a chronicle of the changing world
» The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn - In 1909 the millionaire French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn embarked on an ambitious project to create a colour
» There's No Tomorrow
» This Is What Happens When Our Politicians Say Yes to Dirty Energy
» TOKYO GIRLS - A journey into the world of 4 young Canadian women who work as well-paid hostesses in exclusive Japanese nightclubs. Lured by adventure and easy
» Toughest Place to be a Farmer In the world BBC
» Toxic Garbage Island
» Track My Trash
» Troubled Water - Kathmandu
» TV Junkie - One man's struggle for survival is caught on tape in an authentic and extraordinary manner.
» Udita: the women garment workers standing up for themselves
» Uncovering Spring Break's Hidden Underbelly: Cancun, the famous resort and Spring Break capital of the world has become a magnet for mass tourism. But with a
» Unearthed: The Fracking Facade
» UnEarthed: The Fracking Facade
» Water Wars: When Drought, Flood and Greed Combine
» What In The World Are They Spraying?
» What Makes a Good Home?
» White Like Me - White Like Me, based on the work of acclaimed anti-racist educator and author Tim Wise, explores race and racism in the US through the lens of
» Who Killed The Honey Bee
» Who Sounds Gay?
» WHY BEAUTY MATTERS: In the 20th century, Scruton argues, art, architecture and music turned their backs on beauty, making a cult of ugliness and leading us into
» WHY I HATE THE SIXTIES - the dark reality of the iconic 1960s which is rarely mentioned. It was a disastrous decade in Britain in terms of race relations, education, art,
» Why Planes Vanish PBS Documentary
» Why We Shouldn't Bike with a Helmet - Copenhagen's bicycle ambassador talks about how important the bicycle is for liveable cities and how bicycle helmets are threatening
» Without Bound: PERSPECTIVES ON MOBILE LIVING - Allegedly, the average American spends up to 47% of his take-home pay for a roof over his head.
» Without Rain
» Words from the Edge
» Years of Living Dangerously Premiere
» You Don't Know Shit - Every day the United States must find a way to get rid of 5 billion gallons of human waste and they appear increasingly unable to find the space.
» The Autism Puzzel - BBC
» The Wheat Free Craze
» 10 things you need to know about sleep
» A Summer In The Cage
» Absence of Silence - Tinnitus
» American Meth
» An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary
» Are My Fake Breasts Safe?
» Autism: Made in the U.S.A.
» BBC - Winter Viruses and How to Beat Them
» BBC Horizon: Sudden Death
» BBC Unsafe Sex in the City
» Bellevue Inside Out
» Beyond Limits
» Big Bucks, Big Pharma
» Big Pharma's OxyContin Agenda
» BIG SUGAR - Sweet, White & Deadly
» Bioethics of Patenting Human Genetics
» Bipolar - A Manic Depressive Illness
» Bleach, Nip, Tuck: The White Beauty Myth
» Blood Makes Noise
» Breaking Bad: Kids On Ice
» Burzynski, the Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business
» Canadian Cannabis
» Cancer: the Forbidden Cures
» Cannabis: Britain's Secret Farms
» Catalyst: Toxic Sugar
» Child Frozen in Time
» Chiropractic
» Circumcise Me?
» Corporate InGREEDients (Trailer)
» Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child
» Diabetes: No longer the preserve of the rich?
» Do I Drink Too Much?
» Doctors' Diaries
» Drink yourself to Death
» Drugs and the Brain: Opiates and Tranquilizers
» Dying By Prescription: Oxycontin controversy
» Eat, Fast & Live Longer
» Ebola : Inside the Deadly Outbreak
» Extraordinary Breastfeeding
» Falling out of a train in -40C
» Fast food, fat profits, Obesity in America
» Fat Head
» Fear and Cancer: The Cancer Sell
» FOOD, Inc.
» Foot Indiegogo (Trailer)
» Fork Over Knives - Panel Discussion
» FRONTLINE: Dollars And Dentists
» Fukushima's Cancer Legacy
» Genetic Roulette -The Gamble of Our Lives
» Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or Poison
» Getting High On HIV Medication
» Globesity: Fat's New Frontier
» Globesity: Fat's New Frontier
» Helen: The Woman with 7 Personalities
» Hofmann's Potion
» Hofmann's Potion (LSD Documentary) + A Bicycle Trip 1943
» Homeopathy: The Test
» Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way
» How do Drugs Work - XTC - Ecstasy
» How Sugary Diets Are Destroying Our Immune Systems
» How to be slim - BBC
» How to be Slim (BBC)
» How to Get Fat Without Really Trying
» How To Sleep Better
» How Violent Are You?
» Hungry For Change
» I'm A Child Anorexic
» Inside Story - Debunking the myths of cancer
» Internet Cold Turkey
» Is Alcohol Worse Than Ecstasy?
» John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors
» King Corn
» Let's Talk About Sex (Trailer)
» Lindsay the OxyContin Addict
» Living with ADHD - BBC
» Louis Theroux: By Reason Of Insanity
» Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction? - Many have lost substantial amounts of weight adhering to a low carb regimen,
» Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
» Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary
» Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary
» Monitor Me - Horizon
» Montana PBS - Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
» Multiple Personalities: The Search for Deadly Memories
» My 600-lb Life Melissa's Story
» My Small Breasts and I
» Narcissists
» Natural Mystery
» Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
» OCD: The War Inside
» Of Hearts and Minds
» Old Before My Time - Alcohol Documentary
» Opiates and Tranquilizers
» Organs Across Borders
» Origin of AIDS: The Polio Vaccine (CBC Witness)
» Overcoming Social Phobia & Shyness
» Pandemic - BBC
» Paralyzed: Guillain-Barre syndrome
» People & Power - Drug Money
» Pill Poppers
» Placebo: Cracking the Code
» Poison on the Platter
» Project 10 10 10: Pill or Perception
» Psychopath BBC - There are many psychopaths in society, that actually, we virtually know nothing about. These are the psychopaths who don't necessarily commit homicide
» Resonance: Beings Of Frequency
» Search for a Safe Cigarette
» Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering
» Seeds of Death
» Shelter in Place
» Should I Smoke Dope?
» Sicko (Full Documentary 2 hours, 3 minutes)
» Stress: Portrait of a Killer
» Sudden Death: Cot death (SIDS)
» Sugar or Fat?
» Super High Me
» Supersize vs Superskinny SE1EP1 - SE2EP1
» The Alzheimer's Project: The Connection between Insulin and Alzheimer's
» The Atkins Diet - BBC
» The Beautiful Truth
» The Big Fat Truth About Low Fat Foods
» The Entity - Documentary On Sleep Paralysis
» The Fight Against Ebola
» The fight to beat Tuberculosis
» The Future of Food - Produced by Deborah Koons Garcia
» The Future of Weed: HIGH COUNTRY
» The Gift of Diabetes
» The Girl Who Never Ate
» The Human Body - BBC
» The Last Heart Attack: Becoming heart attack proof
» The Living Matrix - The Science of Healing
» The Men Who Made Us Fat - BBC
» The Moroccan Connection: Islamic Terror's Route To Spain?
» The Price of Life
» The Real Sleeping Beauty
» The Sacred Science (2011)
» The Science of Acupuncture
» The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive - BBC
» The Skinny on Obesity
» The Tiniest Girl In The World
» The Tobacco Conspiracy
» The Truth 365
» The Truth about Depression
» The Truth About Food BBC
» The Truth About Vitamins
» The Truth About Vitamins BBC
» The Unspooling Mind
» The Weight of the Nation: Challenges (4 of 4)
» The Weight of the Nation: Children in Crisis (3 of 4)
» The Weight of the Nation: Choices (2 of 4)
» The Weight of the Nation: Consequences (1 of 4)
» The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese
» Today's Modern Food: It's Not What You Think
» Tourettes: I Swear I Can't Help It
» Transplant - BBC
» Under Our Skin
» Under Our Skin
» Up/Down Bipolar Disorder
» US Addiction Epidemic Fuelled By Pharma Corporations
» V e g u c a t e d
» Vaccines: Calling the Shots
» Vanguard: Sex, Lies and Cigarettes
» Waiting for a Heartbeat
» Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana, Medicine and the Law
» War on Health: The FDA's Cult of Tyranny
» Way Beyond Weight
» We Love Cigarettes
» What Are Dreams?
» What is Pain? What Cause Pain? Why we feel pain?
» Why Am I Still Fat? - Obesity continues to plague every corner of society, and has brought about a flurry of critical health issues never before witnessed in modern medicine.
» Why Are Thin People Not Fat - Full Documentary
» World's Worst Venom
» Worry Lines: Botox investigation
» Yogurt: The Foods That Make Billions
» Your Body on Drugs
» Yuck!
» America Before Columbus
» The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman - a journey to Peru where a team of Russian researchers work to uncover the mysteries of the stone walls built by the Incas.
» 102 Minutes That Changed America - The events of September 11 2001 were captured on video and audio recordings giving us a documentary record
» 1421: The Year China Discovered America
» 1421: The Year China Discovered America
» 4 Little Girls
» 42 Ways To Kill Hitler
» A Crash Course in World History
» A HISTORY OF BRITAIN - 15 episodes
» A History of the Madhouse
» A Place Called Etruria
» A Renaissance Education BBC
» A Trip Down Market Street
» A Trip Down Market Street 1906
» A WORLD OF ART: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
» After Rome: Holy War And Conquest (BBC Episode 1 and 2)
» America Before Columbus
» American Experience: The Panama Canal
» American Grindhouse
» An Adventure with the Indian Gypsies - An Adventure with the Indian Gypsies - The Gypsies are a close-knit communal people who have a shared background,
» An Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Nazi Holocaust
» An Inconvenient History - Brazil
» An Islamic History of Europe
» Ancient Kingdoms of Africa - Ethiopia
» Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire
» Ancient Worlds: The Spartans
» And they Came to Chicago: The Italian American Legacy
» Angkor Wat- Jewels in the Jungle
» Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler
» Apocalypse: The Second World War
» Archimedes' Secret
» Arminius: Battle Against Rome
» Barbarians - The History Channel
» BBC Ancient Greece The Greatest Show on Earth
» BBC Egypt : The Search for Tutankhamun - A BBC television drama serial about various archaeological discoveries taking place in that country's history
» BBC Noah's Ark
» Black Athena: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece
» Blood And Flowers In Search Of The Aztecs
» Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War I
» Bomber Boys - Lancaster - BBC
» Britains Most Fragile Treasure
» Buckingham Palace
» Byzantium The Lost Empire
» Byzantium The Lost Empire - COMPLETE
» Byzantium The Lost Empire (1 of 4) Building the Dream
» Byzantium The Lost Empire COMPLETE
» Byzantium The Lost Empire COMPLETE
» Canada: A People's History - Episode 1 - When the World Began
» Cave Of Forgotten Dreams
» Children of the Decree
» China's Capitalist Revolution
» Christina - A Medieval Life
» City Beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri
» Civilization Lost
» Clash of Worlds: Mutiny
» Columbus Lost Voyage
» Columbus’ Lost Voyage
» Conquest of Hawaii
» Conquistadors - Cortez, Pizarro, Orellana, Cabeza de Vaca
» Crash Course: US History
» Crime Inc. (BBC)
» Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War
» Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War
» Da Vinci And The Code He Lived by
» Dark Secrets Of The Lusitania
» Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower
» Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower
» Egypt's Lost Cities BBC
» Emma Goldman - An exceedingly dangerous woman
» Engineering an Empire
» Evidence of Revision: The assassination of America
» Faith and Fate - Jews in the 20th Century
» Faith and Fate: The Story of the Jewish People
» Fidel
» Fight for Oil: 100 Years in the Middle East
» Filthy Cities
» Filthy Cities - Medieval London - BBC
» First Apocalypse History Channel - Sixty five million years ago the dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the Earth.
» Fort Knox- Secrets Revealed
» Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage
» Frederick the Great and the Enigma of Prussia
» Gandhi - Ben Kingsley - Full Movie 3 hours.
» George Westinghouse: Gentle Genius
» Gestapo- Hitler's Secret Police
» Greece - Quest for the Gods
» Guns, Germs, & Steel - National Geographic
» Hadrian's Wall
» Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore
» Henry VII: Winter King, BBC
» Henry VIII: Patron or Plunderer?
» HISTORY CHANNEL | Albert Einstein
» History Channel: The Egyptian Book Of The Dead
» History of Magic
» History of Tea
» History of the Freemasons
» History of the World in 7 minutes
» History of the World in Two Hours - What if we could tell you everything? The entire history of the world. Now, what if we told you we could do it in just 2 hours?
» Hitler's Family: In the Shadow of the Dictator
» Hitler's War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention.
» How Beer Saved the World
» How the States Got Their Shapes
» I, Claudius - (Playlist 11 episodes)
» Iceland's 1783 Killer Cloud
» If Walls Could Talk: The History of the Home - BBC
» IMAX: Greece - Secrets of the Past
» In Search of a Lost Princess
» In search of the Trojan war - Empire of the Hittites
» Inside the medieval mind of Power - BBC
» Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilization
» Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilization
» Islam: Empire of Faith - Full PBS
» Island Kings Of The Stone Age/Secrets of the Ancient Olmecs (SECRET ANCIENT HISTORY DOCUMENTARY)
» James Bond 007: The Story
» Jerusalem - The Making of a Holy City
» Jesus was a Buddhist Monk - BBC
» Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites
» Kings and Queens of England
» Lands of Gold - BBC
» Last Stand of the 300
» Leonardo Da Vinci
» Leonardo Da Vinci
» Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery
» Living in the Past, Iron age reality
» Lost Kingdoms of Africa: NUBIA
» Lost Worlds: Athens Ancient Supercity
» Louis Theroux on Michael Jackson
» Machines of the Ancient China
» Magical Egypt
» Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948
» Malcolm X : Prince of Islam
» Matooke: The Crop that Built the Ugandan Nation
» Meet the 'Black Diggers:' The Russians Robbing WW2 Graves
» Mexican - American War
» Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt
» Mushrooms of Concrete
» Nanking (2007)
» Napoleon (PBS Empires)
» National Geographic - The True Story of Alexander the Great
» National Geographic: America Before Columbus (2009)
» New York: A Documentary Film PBS
» Oh! What a Lovely War - Musical
» Oil, 100 Years in the Middle East
» One Day in September - Munich Olympics massacre
» Operation Jericho
» Persepolis Recreated
» Pirate Paradise
» Pol Po t- Inside Evil
» Pompeii: Life And Death In A Roman Town
» Power, Proof and Passion: The Story of Science (6 hours)
» Royal Castles of France | French Chateau
» Sandhogs
» Saving Egypts Oldest Pyramid
» Saxon gold: Finding the hoard
» Scottsboro: An American Tragedy
» Season of Life
» Secret Files of the Inquisition
» SECRETS IN THE DUST - Dominating a territory spanning from northern Africa to central Asia, Persia once reigned as the world's first universal empire
» Secrets of the Forbidden City
» Secrets of the Playing Card - A deck of playing cards, you can cut them, shuffle them and deal them out. Millions use them to play games with them ...
» Secrets of the Samurai Sword
» Secrets of The Tang Treasure Ship
» Secrets of The Tang Treasure Ship
» Secrets of the Treasure Ship
» Secrets of the Virgin Queen
» Sex and the Swastika
» Sky Caves of Nepal
» Stalin and the Betrayal of Leningrad
» Stephen Fry & The Machine That Made Us
» Stories from the Great Depression
» Stories from the Stone Age
» Take Me To Pitcairn
» Taken for a Ride
» The Adventure of English ( 6 videos)
» The Ark of the Covenant
» The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
» The Battle Of Gettysburg
» The Berber Kingdom of Morocco
» The Bible Unearthed
» The Book That Changed The World - The King James Bible
» The British Empire in Colour
» The Buddhist World
» The Coach That Made History
» The Dark Age Renaissance of Northern Europe -BBC
» The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler
» The Day India Burned: Partition
» The Donner Party
» The Fabrication of Ancient Greece: Black Athena
» THE FIRST EMPEROR OF CHINA - China experienced one of its most formidable and brilliant rulers in the personage of Qin Shi Huang
» The First World War
» The Forbidden City
» The Frankincense Trail Oman: Yemen and Saudi Arabia
» The Frankincense Trail: Full
» The Frankincense Trail: Saudi Arabia
» The French Revolution: Maximilien Robespierre
» The Genius of Beethoven
» The German Army (Wehrmacht)
» The Great Dictator -125 minutes + Hynkel's Speech (Barber) 4:55
» The Great Inca Rebellion
» The Great White Silence: 90 Degrees South
» The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
» The History of Chocolate
» The History of Rome Engineering the Roman Empire
» The History Of Soda Pop
» The House Of Rothschild - The Money's Prophets
» The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey
» The Legendary Battle at Thermopylae: Last Stand of the 300
» The Life Of The Buddha
» The Lost Civilisation of Peru: The Moche
» The Lost King of the Maya
» The Lumiere Brothers' First Films ( From 1895 to 1897 )
» The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
» The Men Who Built America - History Channel (2012)
» The Minoans: Ancient Civilization of Crete
» The Mystery of The Black Death
» The Mystery of the Rosetta Stone - BBC: In the summer of 1798, the antiquities of ancient Egypt came under particular scrutiny when Napoleon
» The Mystery Of Zulu Dawn
» The Nazis, A Warning From History
» The One, the Only, the Real Tarzan (2004)
» The Pendle Witch Child
» THE PIRATE SHIPS - The Great Ships
» The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power
» The Pyramid Code
» The Quest For The Phoenicians
» The Revelations of the Pyramids
» The Roman Empire in the First Century
» The Roots of Division: Haiti and The Dominican Republic
» The Russian Revolution in Colour
» The Samurai
» The Search for Satan
» The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler
» The Sixties - The Years That Shaped a Generation
» The story of Electricity
» The Story of God: In Life, the Universe & Everything
» The Story of God: No God but God
» The Story of India
» The Story of Thomas A. Edison
» The Trail of Genghis Khan
» The Trans-Siberian Railway
» The True Story of Indiana Jones
» The Turin Erotic Papyrus: IT CONTAINS IMAGES AND CONTENT MEANT FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE.It is an ancient Egyptian papyrus scroll-painting that was
» The Turin Erotic Papyrus: IT CONTAINS IMAGES AND CONTENT MEANT FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE.It is an ancient Egyptian papyrus scroll-painting that was created during the Ramesside Period,
» The Two Thousand Year Old Computer
» The Unsinkable Henry Morgan (2013)
» The Unsolved Mysteries of the Silk Road: The Tocharian language
» The War of the World (Niall Fergusons)
» The Way of the Samurai
» Third Reich, The Rise and Fall
» Third Reich: The Rise and Fall
» Timewatch - The Real Bonnie and Clyde
» Tracking The First Americans BBC
» Treasure Fleet: The Adventures of Zheng He
» TS Eliot BBC
» Typesetting Linotype
» Unsolved History- Killing Hitler
» Versailles: The Dream of a King
» Victorian Farm
» Viking journeys
» Voynich manuscript
» Warrior Empire - The Mughals
» Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade
» What the Ancient Greeks did for us
» When God Was a Girl - BBC
» When God Was a Girl - BBC
» When the Moors (Muslims) Ruled Europe
» Women in Nazi Germany
» Woody Guthrie
» World War I in Colour
» World War II (U-Boat Wolf Pack Tactic)
» Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine
» WW1: Top Gun Revealed
» America Before Columbus
» .. the pentatonic scale in the coolest way possible
» 10 Seconds Song - Sang in 20 Styles
» 1001 Movies You Must See (in 10 minutes)
» 10-year-old tears it up on the fiddle at ...
» 2012 Science or Superstition
» 2012 The Mayan Word – La Palabra Maya
» 3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes
» A giant remote controlled A-380. SINGAPORE
» A Suburban UFO Mystery: Westall '66
» A video to make you smile today.
» Accident happens during an interview about bad state of roads
» Action Movie Kid!
» Aliens On Earth
» Amazing ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Ending
» Amazing seven year old sings Gloomy Sunday
» An attraction with the War Thunder
» An impressive four ring optical illusion
» Ancient Aliens (Debunked)
» Ancient Knowledge
» Apollo Zero
» Are We Alone in the Universe?
» Athene’s Theory of Everything
» Best UFO Sighting News Amazing Videos April 2015
» Beyond 2012: Evolving Perspectives on the Next Age
» Biker Gets What He Deserved?
» Bill Maher - Anti-Pharma Rant
» Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon form a 2 man doo-wop group
» Blind card shark's amazing skills
» bloopers from The Lego Movie
» Brazilian Winter Olympics: Curling
» Can A Samurai Cut A BB Bullet In Half In Mid Air?
» Can sex safe Denmark's future?
» Cat alarm clocks are the best alarm clocks
» Cat Shit One
» Cats Playing Fruit Ninja
» Celebrity Impressions by Piotr Michael
» Chariots of the Gods
» Chariots of the Gods (The Mysteries Continue) Erich von Daniken
» Chasing UFOs HD: Alien Cowboys
» Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever
» Crazy Chinese driver in Yongkang, Zhejiang
» Crazy Truck Collision
» Crosswind difficulties - winter 2013/14
» Cute Swiss singer gets emotional..
» Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs
» Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs
» December 21 2012: The End Of The World
» Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay
» Desert dog drives donkey cart
» Discovery Channel: Deception With Keith Barry
» Doomsday - Nostradamus 2012
» Dream Interpretation - BBC
» Driver forgets to check mirrors. Mass carnage ensues!
» Drone captures amazing footage of snowy Decatur, Ga.
» Drones Over Dolphin Stampede and Whales..
» Dubai Police with Lambo, Ferrari, Camaro
» Ducklings vs. Stairs.
» Ellen tips her pizza guy from the Oscars!
» English Is Crazy!
» European air traffic in a 24-hour period visualized.
» Every news anchor in America had the same Valentine's day message?
» Firefighter rescues an entire family from drowning
» Get Out
» Giants: The Mystery and the Myth
» Happy - Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan
» Have you got balls?: Samuel L Jackson
» Hidden Human History Movie
» Hilarious SWA Flight attendant
» Hitler and the Occult
» Hole in one
» Homeless Lottery Winner
» Honey Badger Houdini
» Hovercraft Deer Rescue
» I Know What I Saw UFO Documentary 2012
» Insane tongue twisting rap: Alphabet Insanity
» Interesting facts about the world's population
» Is There Anybody There?
» It Doesn't Get Better
» Italian nun wows in singing contest
» It's Not About the Nail
» Jethro Tull: Aqualung performed by Magellan
» Joe Ades , Greatest Salesman in New York City History !!
» Just a cat playing with a toy
» Lazy Bird Can't Be Bothered Flying; Prefers to Hitch on Car Wiper
» Little Girl And Her Cat Singing
» Loading your motorbike...
» Longest rally in badminton history
» Maria Von Trapp, Last Original Singing Sibling, Dies At 99
» Massive dust devil forms during prescribed burn
» Maya 2012 Prophecy
» Mechanical motor madness
» Mermaids: The Body Found
» MorpHex, the incredible hexapod robot !
» Mystery of the Crystal Skulls - Full Documentary 1 hour 27
» Noam Chomsky: U.S. Politics Are Now Pure Savagery
» One of the Largest Tunnel Bombs Detonated
» Only the bravest of individuals should fly on Air China
» Out Of The Blue - UFOs
» Paul and the Word
» Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison
» Pomplamoose: I Feel Good - James Brown
» Portrait of Lotte - 0 to 14 years in 4 min
» Portugal: Big Sunday: As Big as it Gets!
» Possibly The Worst Unloading Of A Car Ever
» Prophecy: The Next 1000 Years
» Raccoon Popping Bubble Wrap
» Radio controlled vehicle bomb
» Rap News 23: Crimea: Media War Games
» Reality and the Extended Mind
» Roger Whittaker - Finnish Whistler
» Run and hope for the best
» Russian UFO Jet Fighters 2014
» Scariest Places on Earth
» Sea Plane Takes Off From Truck Trailer
» Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings: The New Atlantis
» Secrets of the Kabbalah
» Seeing her for the first time again
» Sirius (2013)
» Snowboarding through the streets of New York
» Something Was Bound to Happen at That Speed
» Sometimes Security Cameras catch a gem!
» Spectacular Drag Racing Explosion
» Spend an unbelievable 15 minutes with the "Lion Whisperer"
» Spoon fight, Russian style
» Stunts gymnast
» Superman With a Go Pro
» Symbols of an Alien Sky
» Take the Hot Air Out of Climate Change Coverage
» Telepathy - 5th Dimension
» The 10,000 Domino Computer
» The 100 Greatest Scary Moments
» The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
» The Boy Who Lived Before
» The first wave
» The Ghost Inside My Child
» The Greatest TV theme song ever created.
» The History of Santa Claus
» The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
» The Legend of Atlantis
» The luckiest unlucky man to ever live
» The Mindscape Of Alan Moore
» The Moon Illusion
» The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru
» The Mysterious Suicide Of Marilyn Monroe
» The Mystery Of The Sphinx
» The Phase: out-of-body experience OOBE + lucid dreaming + astral projection
» The Phoenix Lights - UFO Documentary
» The Poodle Trainer
» The Pyramid Code
» The Revelations of the Pyramids
» The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone
» The Stanley Hotel (Most Terrifying Places in America)
» The Truth Behind UFOs - National Geographic
» The Twilight Zone: The Crossing - S03E03
» The Twilight Zone: The Hunters - S03E04
» The UFO Conspiracy: Space Travelers or Demonic Deceivers?
» There's a Truck Sliding Sideways in Your Lane
» Throwing infants from a high building as a tradition in India
» Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: The Lady is a Tramp
» Tuning In
» Two guys rocking the hell out of their cellos.
» UFO - Secret Access on the Record.
» UFO Best Sightings around the World
» UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied
» Ufo's and Aliens Contact
» Ufo's and Aliens Contact
» UFOs: Seeing Is Believing
» Ukraine's strategic importance
» Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2014
» USOs: Unidentified Submerged Objects Phenomena
» Vampire Secrets
» Voynich Manuscript - The Book That Can't Be Read
» Waking Life (Risvegliare la Vita)
» Walking Together
» Water The Great Mystery
» Water the Great Mystery
» Wave crashes through restaurant window
» We Love Russia Compilation
» What Killed Arafat? Death by polonium?
» What We Still Don't Know
» Woman Arrested After A $980 Cab Bill
» Woman calls 911 to report a sun halo as a UFO
» Wrestling against a hot girl is a win win situation
» Zebra Has Second Thoughts: I'll just find another place to cross
» Islands Zanzibar - National Geographic
» 23 Most Dangerous Roads in the World
» A 200+ mile backpacking experience through Yosemite National Park
» A Grain of Sand
» A Guide to Keeping Hens In Your Garden
» A Man Among Wolves
» A Thousand Suns
» Alien Insects (Praying Mantis)
» Ancient Voices Modern World - Mongolia
» And Man Created Dog
» And Man Created Dog
» Ants: Nature’s Secret Power
» Ape Genius
» Australia Land Before Time - IMAX
» Australia: Eye of the Storm: Monsoon
» Australia: Land Beyond Time - IMAX
» BBC - The Human Body
» BBC Grizzlies of Alaska 2012
» BBC How To Grow A Planet
» Becoming Human Part
» Birds of Paradise BBC
» Blackfish ( Trailer )
» Born of Nuclear Blast: Russia’s Lakes of Mystery
» Chimps Are People Too
» Dogs Decoded
» Dogs That Changed the World
» Dolphins in the Deep Ocean
» Earth Story: The Big Freeze BBC
» Europe: A Natural History (Wild Europe) Ep1 Genesis
» Evolution of Sex
» Faustino's Patagonia Retreat: 40 Years of Isolation
» Finding the source of the Ganges
» Germany From Above
» Grizzly Man
» Hippo Dissection
» How Smart Are Animals?
» How Wolves Change Rivers
» Human Senses
» IMAX - Wild Ocean
» IMAX Wild Ocean (Trailer)
» IMAX: Search for the Great Sharks (Trailer)
» IMAX: The Alps
» IMAX: The Greatest Places
» Infested Ants Spiders and Snakes
» Japan by Bicycle
» Jewel Of The Earth
» Journey to the Sea of Cortez
» Living with Wolves
» Lord of the Ants
» Madagascar - Island of Marvels
» March of the Penguins - Trailer
» National Geographic Islands: Zanzibar
» National Geographic: Insect Wars
» Nature's Weirdest Events
» NatureTech: Magic Of Motion
» Nepal
» NOVA w/ Neil deGrasse Tyson: How smart are animals?
» Panda Makers
» Panda Makers
» Pedigree Dogs Exposed
» Pedigree Dogs Exposed
» Perilous Journeys Crossing The Himalayas
» Planet Ant - Life Inside The Colony
» Predators in Your Backyard
» Queen of the Manta Rays
» Radioactive Wolves
» Sharkwater the movie (Trailer)
» Spirits of the Rainforest
» Superfish Bluefin Tuna
» Swarm Nature's Incredible Invasions
» Szpicbergen's Walruses
» The Andes - The Dragon's back
» The Botany of Desire - PBS
» The Cat Connection - Secret Life of Cats
» The Day the Wave Came
» The Great Rift, Africa's Wild Heart: Ep 3 Grass
» The Great Rift: Africas Wild Heart EP2 of 3 Water
» The Greatest Places
» The Killing Fields: Pricing for an eco-friendly society
» The Lion Ranger
» The Living Planet - BBC Nature
» The Mariana Trench: Voyage to the Bottom of the Earth
» The Operator's Manual: Earth
» The Polar Bear Family & Me
» The Real Planet of the Apes
» The Secret Life of Cats
» The Secret Life of the Dog
» The White Diamond
» The Woman who thinks like a Cow - BBC
» There's a Rhino in My House
» Things You Need To Know Evolution
» Tiger Queen HD
» Tropic of Capricorn
» Turtle: The Incredible Journey (Trailer)
» Watch Corals Move in Timelapse Video
» What Darwin Never Knew
» WILD CHINA: 2. Shangri-La [ Full 60 minutes ]
» WILD CHINA: 6 Tides of Change [ Full 60 minutes ]
» WILD CHINA: 3 Tibet [ Full 60 minutes ]
» WILD CHINA: 4 Beyond the Great Wall [ Full 60 minutes ]
» Wild Russia - Siberia (National Geographic)
» Wild Thing: The Smithsonian National Zoo
» World's Biggest and Baddest Bugs
» Jazz On A Summer's Day (Trailer)
» 10 Days That Shook Sohoh
» 2 Pac: His Final Hours (Tupac Shakur )
» 4 (Beyoncé Knowles album)
» 50 Cent - Who Dares Wins
» Adele: The Only Way is Up - When an ordinary teenaged girl from North London goes on to become an overnight sensation, the world sits up and pays attention
» All That Jazz: From New Orleans To New York
» Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened
» Athens, Ga. - Inside/Out
» B4MD - Before the Music Dies - Music Industry Crisis
» BAD 25
» BBC: Timewatch - Beatlemania
» Beauty - Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
» Best of Both Worlds Concert - Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus
» Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream
» Beyonce: Year of Four
» Billie Holiday - Sensational Lady
» Brian Epstein - Inside The Fifth Beatle
» Bruce Springsteen - Live In Rome 2013
» Cat Stevens Biography
» Chopin: The Women Behind The Music
» Crazy About One Direction: Inside the world of the boyband obsessives
» Crossing the Bridge
» David Bowie: Sound and Vision
» Deep Soul The Up Rising Of Motown
» Eminem: Diamonds and Pearls
» Eroica (The Movie) Ludwig Von Beethoven
» Every Little Step (Trailer) 2008
» Evolution of Style - A journey with Brennan Heart
» Exit Through the Gift Shop (Trailer)
» First Position
» Freddie Mercury Biography
» Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender
» Gaga by Gaultier
» George Harrison: Living in the Material World (2011)
» Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
» God bless Ozzy Osbourne
» Hotel California: L.A. from the Byrds to the Eagles
» How Hip Hop Changed the World
» Imagine: Being a Concert Pianist
» In His Life: The John Lennon Story
» In Performance at The White House Red White and Blues
» It Might Get Loud (Trailer)
» J. Page: How we wrote Stairway to Heaven
» James Brown: Live at the Boston Garden
» John Mayer: Someday I’ll Fly
» Joy Division
» Kseniya Simonova - Sand Drawing
» Laugh at My Pain
» Living with Michael Jackson
» Made In America (2013)
» Michael Flatley - Riverdance - Celtic Tiger
» Modulations: History Of Electronic Dance Music Documentary
» Naqoyqatsi
» O, FORTUNA! Carl Orff & Carmina Burana
» Oh! What a Lovely War - Musical
» Pink Floyd - Live in Venice
» Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here
» Pump Up The Volume: A History of House Music
» Queen - Live In Argentina 1981 (Full Concert)
» Queen - Rock In Rio - 1985 - Full Concert
» Queen at Wembley
» Queen: Days of Our Lives
» Queen: Days of Our Lives
» Rachmaninoff Documentary - The Harvest Of Sorrow
» Rostropovich: The Genius of the Cello
» Searching for Sugar Man
» Shut Up and Sing
» Soul Survivor - The James Brown Story
» South Korea's Pop Wave
» Spice Girls: Giving You Everything – BBC
» Standing in the Shadows of Motown
» Step Across the Border - Fred Frith
» Stephen Fry on Wagner
» Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads - Full Concert (Jason's Garage)
» Summer of Rave
» That Damn Samba - Samba has its roots in the African experience and the word itself is believed to have derived from the Angolan (semba) which is an invitation to dance.
» THE BEATLES Anthology Episode 1
» The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble live in Vienna
» The Clash: Westway to the World
» The Doors - When You're Strange (Trailer)
» The epic and operatic Bohemian Rhapsody - the signature song by the legendary British rock band Queen - is one of the best-selling singles of all time.
» The Genius of Mozart - A Miracle of Nature
» The Pink Floyd Story - Which One's Pink?
» The Pink Floyd Story (BBC Documentary)
» The Platters & The Coasters - Rock & Roll Legends
» The Roxy Music Story
» The Swing Thing (BBC)
» The Triumph of Puccini
» The Winner Takes It All - The ABBA Story
» This Is It
» Thoth (Best Documentary Short Oscars 2002)
» When Albums Ruled the World BBC
» White Diamond: A Personal Portrait of Kylie Minogue
» Willie Nelson Biography
» Woodstock - 3 Days of Peace & Music
» Woody Allen: Wild Man Blues
» Woody Guthrie BBC
» Lobbies: US and Israel's interest
» Aleppo: From Resistance to Victory
» 10 Places Google Earth Is Hiding From You
» 14 WOMEN
» 15 Real-World Modern Survival Skills
» 444 Days: The Hostage Crisis in Retrospect - 2014
» 5 Broken Cameras
» 6 Days in June
» 9/11 and the Belligerent Empire - Abby Martin examines the two major wars launched under the Global War on Terror & their historical development.
» Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead
» Afghanistan's Billion Dollar Drug War - Afghan poppy accounts for 90 percent of the world's heroin. Steve Chao takes viewers to Afghanistan to investigate the country's
» Ai Weiwei - Without Fear or Favour
» AIPAC: The Israeli Lobby - Marije Meerman
» All the President's Torturers
» American Blackout
» American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
» America's Backyard: Colombia
» America's Backyard: Panama
» Americas Unofficial Religion: The War on an Idea - ... to vilify the concept of a socialist society due to a basic lack of understanding?
» Anger in Brazil over World Cup spending
» Apple Hires Sleep Expert For Work On iWatch
» Attack of the Drones
» Bahrain: Shouting in the dark
» Barack Obama - Biography
» Battle for Syria
» BBC: This World: Mexico's Drug War
» Betrayed - The forgotten Armenian Holocaust
» Bill Clinton: His Life
» Bill Moyers Journal Essay: On Iraq and Oil
» Black Hawk Down - Battle of Mogadishu
» Blowing the whistle on Obama's America
» Bollywood's The World's Biggest Movie Industry
» Britain to help hundreds of Syrian refugees
» Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
» Canadian government forces farmer off land
» Captive Minds : Hypnosis and Beyond
» Challenging the Bin Laden story
» Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator
» Chávez: Inside the Coup - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
» China vs USA: Empires at War
» Class, Race, and War: Resistance Report
» Colombia: America's Backyard
» Confessions of an Economic Hitman
» Connected
» Constructing Public Opinion
» Control Room
» Conventions 2012: The Price of the Party
» Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America's Middle Class
» Counter-Intelligence - Shining a light on black operations
» Crossings of Death
» Cuba after Castro
» CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America - A love affair with collectivist ideologies has lead to ever bigger government and the welfare-warfare state.
» Culture in Decline: What Democracy? ( EP 1 )
» Cutting Off Major Water Supply Amid Drought
» Did 'Pacific Castaway' Really Survive A Year At Sea?
» Digital Amnesia
» Dirty Wars (2013)
» Dismemberment and Displacement
» Distorted Morality
» DPRK: The Land of Whispers (North Korea Travel Documentary)
» Empire - Israel and the US
» Empire of Secrets
» Endgame: A Future Scenario for Israel
» Engines of Domination - 2014
» EU report: Corruption widespread in the bloc
» Fear, Anger and Politics
» Fight for Oil
» Fighting in the Fifth Dimension
» Fog of War - Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S McNamara
» For Liberty
» Former US immigrants join Mexico's vigilantes
» Freed Zakaria Interview With Ahmadinejad
» Freedom 102: Life Without Violence!
» Frontline: House Of Saud
» FRONTLINE: The Choice
» Frontline: Top Secret America
» Gaddafi: Our Best Villain (Trailer)
» Gaza Before and After
» George W Bush - The Jesus Factor
» Ghost Ship Full Of Cannibal Rats
» Glenn Greenwald: Snowden's Journalist of Choice
» Goodbye Indonesia: West Papuan
» Goodnight Democracy
» Greece on the Brink
» Guarding the Queen
» Hacking Democracy
» Hearts and Minds
» Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism - 2015
» Hijacking Catastrophe: Fear & the Selling of American Empire
» Homeland Security, The Good Friday Agreement, Wikimania HD - 60 minutes mystery full episodes
» How Class Works
» How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring
» How Leaks and Politics Threaten National Security: Dishonorable Disclosures
» How The NSA Used Angry Birds For Spying
» Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train
» Hugo Chavez's economic legacy
» Human Livestock - A History of Tax Farming
» Hungary: Standing Up to the West?
» ICJ to rule on Chilean-Peruvian dispute
» In Saddam's Shadow: Baghdad 10 Years After the Invasion
» In search of Putin's money
» In The Year of the Pig
» India's ethnic unrest: Who is to blame?
» Inside Combat Rescue - Visions of War
» Inside Story - The shift in global arms trade
» Inside Story 2012 - The decline of union power
» Inside Syria: Can Lakhdar Brahimi end the Syrian conflict?
» Iran & The West - The Pariah State (BBC)
» IRAN (is not the problem)
» Iran and the Bomb
» Iran and the West
» Iran and The West: The Man Who Changed the World - The Pariah State - Nuclear Confrontation
» Iranian Plot - Fast and Furious - Drone Virus
» Iraq's Secret War Files
» Is Israel leaning further to the right?
» Is the Saudi government profiting from religion.
» ISIS - "Islamic" Extremism?
» Israel's Secret Weapon - BBC Documentary
» Ivory Coast: Blood and Chocolate
» Jack Abramoff: The Lobbyist's Playbook
» Jailed In Drone-Assisted Arrest Gets 3 Years
» Japan scientists claim stem cell breakthrough
» Jeju: In the Crosshairs of War
» Jimmy Carter On Israel's Occupation of Palestine
» Julian Assange and Ecuador's President Correa
» Killed & Displaced
» Legalize Democracy Film
» Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy
» Light my fire: The Hour of the Furnaces
» Liquid Bomb Plot
» Living in the End Times According to Slavoj Zizek
» Living with the Ayatollah - Panorama
» Lobotomy: The Secrets Of Russia's Propaganda Machine
» Louis and the Nazis
» Louis Theroux’s The Ultra Zionists
» Manhunt - The Search For Bin Laden (2013)
» Manifest Destiny's Child
» Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
» Minions of Darkness - Danish Underground Documentary
» Mission Accomplished BBC
» Moncef Marzouki: Tunizia, The price of a Revolution
» Mosaic of Facts: Can you tell truth from lies in mass media? RTD’s Miguel Francis-Santiago delves deep to try to understand the intricacies of information war.
» Mustang: A Kingdom on the Edge
» My trip to Al-Qaeda
» Mysterious Death: Boris Berezovsky
» Noam Chomsky on Israel’s Assault on Gaza & U.S. Support for the Occupation
» Noam Chomsky: The responsibility of privilege
» North Korean Film Madness
» Obama delivers his fifth State of the Union address
» Obama Pushes Tech Hubs In State Of The Union
» Obama To Raise Minimum Wage For Federal Contract Workers
» Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
» Occupation 101: Voice of the Silenced Majority
» Oil Smoke & Mirrors
» Operation Gladio: State-Sponsored Terrorism in Europe
» Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3 hour Documentary)
» Osama my Neighbour
» Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
» Panorama: Poor America 2012
» Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land
» Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land
» Permission to Engage - Witness
» Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug-War Failure
» Poisoned
» Polar Bears Adapt to Climate Change With New Diet
» Politics, Religion and the Tea Party
» Professor Renata Salecl: Choice (RSA Animate)
» Psywar - The real battlefield is your mind
» Putin, Russia and the West BBC
» Putin's Kiss
» Quebec Senior Home Fire Kills 10, Dozens Still Missing
» Reach for the Skies: The dodgy $55 billion jet fighter that nobody wants
» Reality Asserts Itself: Phil Donahue
» Redefining marriage
» Return to Tarawa
» Road to Martyrdom
» Robert Capa In Love and War
» Robot Wars
» Ron Paul Highlights in 10/11/2011 Presidential Debate
» Roses Have Thorns - Casualties of the Ukrainian Revolution
» Ruling a post-Chavez Venezuela
» Russian Godfathers
» Russian Penn State Student Charged With Possessing WMD
» Saudi Arabia Justice
» Science of Spying (1965)
» Scientists Say They Know What's Causing 'Fairy Rings'
» Secret Pakistan: Part 1 & 2
» Seeds of Freedom
» Shadow Company - Mercenaries In The Modern World
» Shadows of Liberty
» Shocking NEW DNA Evidence Reveals Nephilim Existence
» Slavoj Zizek: Capitalism with Asian values
» Son of Saddam - National Geographic
» South Korea on alert after avian flu outbreak
» South Korea: Which way forward?
» Spies, secrets and Israeli media - Prisoner X
» Standing Army
» Sudan: History of a broken land
» Sudan: The Break-Up - Al Jazeera
» Surplus - Terrorized into Being Consumers
» Syria - The Price of Refuge
» Syria Talks Produce First Signs Of Modest Compromise
» Syria: Songs of Defiance
» Syria: The Reckoning
» Syria: The True Story
» Tails You Win: The Science of Chance - BBC
» Taliban - Behind the Masks
» Talk to Al Jazeera - Arianna Huffington: Beyond left and right
» Targeting Iran
» Terror Threat to Justify Syria Strikes
» Tetris: From Russia with Love
» Thatcher: The Downing Street Years
» The Rebels of Congo
» The 9/11 Decade
» The 9/11 Decade - The Clash of Civilizations?
» The Arab Awakening
» The Atomic Cafe
» The Battle for British Islam - Panorama 2015
» The Battle for Marjah
» The battle for the Sinai
» The Bilderberg Group - The Turning Point
» The Billionaires' Tea Party
» The Birth of Israel - 2008 BBC
» The Bitcoin Gospel - What if an ordinary citizen could bypass all the regulation and manipulation of the financial industry to become their own bank?
» The Black Books - Ben Ali - 2014
» The Bombing Of Al-Bara - Syria Behind The Lines
» The Brussels Business
» The Business of War: SOFEX
» The Carlyle Connection
» The Choice 2012 - FRONTLINE
» The Clash of Civilizations? The 9/11 Decade
» The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy
» The Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy - When did the term 'conspiracy theory' become an automatic excuse for dismissal?
» The Covert Origins of ISIS
» The Covert War on Iran
» The Cure - Cancer: a primer
» The Decline of Labour Unions in the US
» The Dirty Bomb - BBC
» The Empire in Africa
» The End of America (Directed by Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg)
» The Expendable Project: The Political Sacrifice of Schapelle Corby
» The First World War
» The Fourth World War
» The Geopolitics of World War III - 2014
» The Great Challenge: Afghanistan
» The Great Challenge: China, Russia
» The Great Challenge: Iraq
» The Great Dictator - Hynkel's Speech (Barber)
» The Hijacked Wealth
» The Interpreters - Afghanistan
» The Iron Wall
» The Islamic State - ISIS
» The Origin of Democracy - 2014
» The Pain Inside
» The Party of No - Inside the US Government Shutdown
» The Philippines: Mining the Last Frontier
» The Putin System
» The Quiet American (2001) - Film Documentary
» The Road To Guantanamo
» The Romney Deception
» The Secret Drone War
» The Secret Life of a Superpower
» The Secret of the Seven Sisters
» The Shock Doctrine
» The Spies Who Fooled the World
» The Top Censored Stories of 2014
» The Trials of Henry Kissinger
» The unauthorized biography of Dick Cheney
» The Unknown Known
» The Unknown Known (2014) (trailer)
» The War Against Boko Haram
» The War On Democracy by John Pilger
» The War on Whistleblowers
» The war on WikiLeaks: A John Pilger investigation and interview with Julian Assange
» The Weight of Chains
» The White House: Americas Book of Secrets
» The World's Poorest President
» The Zionist Story
» Top Secret America PBS
» Tracing the shadows of Operation Condor
» Trio's Ordeal In Egypt
» Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told
» Ukraine minister warns of state of emergency
» Ukraine Opposition Turns Down Offer Of Government Posts
» UN condemns Vatican child abuse cover-up
» Uncontained - Iran’s Nuclear Program
» UNMANNED: America's Drone Wars
» Unreported World: Terror in Sudan
» US immigration reform: A path to citizenship
» US marijuana crimes rise in agriculture areas
» US relations with Afghanistan hit new low
» US warns Russia Olympics of 'toothpaste' bomb
» US: Still #1?
» Vaccines: a primer
» Vodka To Blame For Early Deaths In Russian Men
» WAR MADE EASY: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.
» War on Whistleblowers
» War On Whistleblowers - 2015
» War Photographer
» War Photographer
» Warlords of Tripoli
» Watch Irish Senator Condemning the Gaza Massacre
» We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks (Preview Screening)
» Wealth Gap: John Oliver
» What fuels the love for guns in the US?
» What’s Your Point, Honey?
» Who Rules America?
» Why We Did It, a Rachel Maddow documentary
» Why We Fight
» Will Russia become a superpower? Part 1 & 2
» Will the Arabs speak up for Gaza?
» Woke Up Alive
» World Peace Is a Local Issue
» You, Me, and the SPP
» You, Me, and the SPP: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule
» God’s Role in History
» Spinoza: The Apostle of Reason
» WHEEL OF TIME - Celebrated filmmaker Werner Herzog turns his attention to one of the largest Buddhist gatherings in the world in this documentary.
» Act Normal
» Am I Normal? - Spirituality (BBC)
» Amish A Secret Life
» Amish A Secret Life
» Around the World in 80 Faiths
» Banned From the Bible
» Banned From the Bible
» BBC Sex Death And The Gods
» Benin - Voodoo Children
» Beyond Me
» Beyond Thought (Awareness Itself)
» Bloody Cartoons
» Brainwashed By The Westboro Baptist Church
» Brother Born Again
» Christopher Hitchens vs Rabbi Wolpe - Public Debate on God Nov.2008
» Cults: Dangerous Devotion
» Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale
» Devil's Playground
» Did Darwin Kill God? - BBC
» Did Darwin Kill God? - BBC
» Divine Women: When God was a Girl
» Divine Women: When God was a Girl
» DMT: The Spirit Molecule
» Examined Life: Philosophy is in the Streets
» Exclusive Brethren in Australia
» Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
» Exposed: Ireland's Secret Cults
» Faith School Menace?
» For the Bible Tells Me So - Homosexuality documentary
» Give Me Sex Jesus: For many people of faith, the purity of an individual is largely determined by their success in abstaining from sex until marriage.
» History of Western Philosophy
» Hitler's Pope (by John Cornwell)
» I Escaped a Cult
» In God We Teach
» In God We Trust?
» Inside Islam
» Into the Mystic: Barbara Brodsky
» Is Genesis Scientifically Accurate?
» Is Religion A Force For Good In The World?
» Is The Bible Still Relevant Today?
» Islam: Inside The Koran (Quran)
» Jerusalem - The Making of a Holy City
» Jesus The Lost 40 Days - According to the Bible, Jesus Christ spent 40 days on Earth after his Resurrection on that first Easter Sunday before ascending to Heaven.
» Jesus was a Buddhist Monk BBC
» Jiddu Krishnamurti: In The Present Is The Whole Of Time
» Josef Zezulka: A Hidden Healer:
» Letters from the Dhamma Brothers: Meditation Behind Bars (Trailer)
» Lifting The Veil Of Polygamy
» Louis Theroux - Born Again Christians
» Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition
» Make Me A Muslim
» Manifesting the Mind
» Martin Luther: Reluctant Revolutionary
» Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God (Trailer)
» Meditation and The Power of The Mind - Documentary
» Meditations on Spinoza: The Apostle of Reason
» My Brother the Islamist
» No God but God: The Story of God
» Noughts and Crosses: Jonathan Miller's Brief History of Disbelief
» One Day in the Life of a Men's Monastery
» One Day, One Destiny: The story behind Tom Cruise and Scientology.
» One Giant Leap 2: What About Me?
» Openhand: 5 Gateways
» Opus Dei Unveiled
» Orthodox corruption?
» Pagans: Sexy Beasts
» Papal Journey Through Time - Argentina
» Pope Benedict XVI - My Vatican
» Prisoners of a White God
» Quest for the Gods - Geece
» Religulous: Bill Maher
» Rise of Christianity: The First 1000 & Second 1000 Years
» Scared Sacred
» Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge
» Scientology and Me - Reporter John Sweeney visited the United States to investigate whether the Church of Scientology was becoming more mainstream.
» Secret Access: The Vatican
» Secrets of Mary Magdalene
» Secrets of The Apostles (2012)
» Secrets of the Koran
» Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World
» Sex, Death and the Gods - BBC
» Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life - Richard Dawkins
» Shadows of Doubt: Jonathan Miller's Brief History of Disbelief
» Stray From The Flock: Story Of A Black Atheist
» The Apocalypse (Richard Harris) San Giovanni - L'apocalisse
» The Bible Unearthed: The Making of a Religion
» The Boy With Divine Powers
» The Day I Died
» The Eyes of Tammy Faye
» The Final Hour: Jonathan Miller's Brief History of Disbelief
» The God Debate II: Harris vs. Craig
» The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins (Full)
» The God Who Wasn't There
» The God Within
» The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers
» The History of the Devil
» The Jesus of Siberia
» The Life Of The Buddha - BBC
» The Lord is Not on Trial Here Today
» The Lost Gospels
» The Muslim Jesus
» The Nature of Existence
» The Overview Effect.
» The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell - Full Version
» The Racist Monk of Myanmar
» The Root of All Evil? - The God Delusion
» The Search for Jesus - Peter Jennings
» The Search for Noah's Ark
» The Secrets of Scientology - Panorama - BBC
» The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
» The Shroud of Turin
» The Story of God: The God of the Gaps
» The Thinking Atheist
» The Third Jihad
» The Trials of Ted Haggard
» The Trouble with Atheism
» The Untold History of the Bible (2010)
» TROM - The Reality Of Me
» Unmistaken Child (2008)
» Varanasi, India:
» What is the Purpose of Existence?
» Who Speaks for Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think
» Why We Breathe
» Down The Rabbit Hole: What The Bleep Do We Know
» High Tech Hitler - It was the technology that fueled the Third Reich's war machine. State of the art weaponry designed for world domination
» NOVA | Hunting the Elements
» Space Station
» 100 Greatest Discoveries - Physics
» 9 Minutes Before Space
» A Brief History of Graphics
» A Machine to Die For - The Quest for Free Energy
» A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin - Over the past two decades, there has been a resurgence of scientific inquiry into potential therapeutic benefits
» A Sense of Scale: Absolute Zero
» Adventures In Human Evolution
» After Life: The Science Of Decay
» Albert Einstein - How I See The World
» Alien Planet
» Alpha Centauri - Interstellar Flight
» Aluminum - Modern Marvels
» An Element of Truth: Veritasium
» Antikythera : The World's First Computer - Solving the mystery
» Ape to Man - Only in the past century-and-a-half have we begun to use science to explore the ancestral roots of our own species.
» Aristotle's Lagoon
» Around The World In 90 Minutes (1 hour 16 minutes)
» Back To The Moon For Good
» Back to the Moon for Good - 2015
» BBC Horizon - How Mad are You (Trailer)
» BBC Horizon - How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
» BBC Horizon - We are the Aliens
» BBC Horizon - Why do we Dream?
» BBC Horizon: To Infinity and Beyond - HD
» BBC Origins of Us: Bones, Guts and Brains
» Beautiful Minds of Savants
» Becoming Human - What makes us human?, recent discoveries sheds light on these questions, and NOVAs comprehensive, three-part special,
» Big Bigger Biggest Fastest Train Ever
» BioBricks - Building Blocks of Life
» Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery
» Brain Story BBC
» Break the Science Barrier w/Richard Dawkins
» Building a Homemade Spacecraft
» Carl Jung: The Wisdom of The Dream
» Carl Sagan - God, the Universe, & Everything Else
» Catalyst - Our Chemical Lives - 2015
» Child of our Time - The Big Personality Test
» Clash of the Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus REX
» Cosmic Journeys : Earth in 1000 Years
» Cosmic Quandaries with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
» Cosmonauts: How Russia Won The Space Race
» Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
» Craig Venter: The software of life
» Crash Course: Biology
» Creationist Junk Debunked
» Dancing In The Dark: The End Of Physics - Still to this day modern scientists don't really know what the majority of our universe is made out of.
» Dangerous Knowledge
» Death of the Iceman
» Destiny or Chance?
» Did Cooking Make Us Human?
» Discovering Deep Space - BBC
» DMT: The Spirit Molecule
» DNA Mysteries: The Search For Adam
» Do We Have Free Will (2013)
» Do We Really Need the Moon?
» Do You Want To Live Forever?
» Dogs Decoded
» Don't Grow Old
» Don't Grow Old --
» E=Mc2 Einstein's Big Idea
» Earth From Space (HD)
» Earth Story - BBC
» Earth: Making of a Planet
» Earth-Like Planets
» Eat, Fast and Live Longer - BBC
» Endless Memory
» Euromania
» Faster Than the Speed of Light?
» First Life (David Attenborough) BBC
» First Orbit - the movie
» Food Matters
» Fractals - Hunting The Hidden Dimension
» Future By Design
» Future: Brain, the last Enigma
» Genius of Britain (3 Episodes included)
» GMO Poison and The Genetic Roulette
» Greatest Discoveries: Genetics
» Hawking: Brief History of Mine (2013)
» Here Be Dragons
» Here Comes the Sun (Rob van Hattum)
» High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos
» High-Tech Hitler
» Homo Sapiens - Who Are We
» How does the brain work - Dr. Neal DeGrasse Tyson
» How Does Your Memory Work?
» How Long Is A Piece Of String?
» How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth - In a Horizon special, naturalist Sir David Attenborough investigates whether the world is heading for a population crisis
» How Smart Can We Get?
» How the Universe Works
» How To Build A Human: FOREVER YOUNG
» How To Build A Satellite - BBC
» How to Make Better Decisions
» How to Make Better Decisions
» How Will Humans Live on Mars?
» Human Instinct: Deepest Desires
» Human Senses
» Hunting the Higgs
» Hypothesis: Steven Jones Documentary
» Ice Mummies
» IMAX - The Magic Of Flight
» Inside the Living Body
» Inside the Milky Way
» Inside the Milky Way - Significant work achieved with the Hubble Space Telescope and computer modeling.
» Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking
» Inventions That Changed the World
» Invisible World: The Human Eye
» Invisible Worlds
» Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?
» Isaac Newton: Dark Secrets
» Journey to 10,000 BC
» Journey To The Edge Of The Universe
» Journeys from the Centre of the Earth
» Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial
» Killer Stress: National Geographic
» Last Human Standing
» Life Before Birth
» Life Before Birth (2011)
» Life's Greatest Miracle
» Life's Greatest Miracle
» Light Fantastic
» Living With Half A Brain
» Looking Back at the Earth
» Lord of the Ants
» Luzia: Paleo-Indian
» Mankind Rising - Where do Humans Come From: Mankind Rising is a computer animated re-imagining of the biological evolution of humanity,
» Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome
» Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome
» Miracle Planet
» Mission to Mars
» Modern Marvels
» MonsterQuest Season: The Real Hobbit
» Museum of Life BBC: The Power of Insects
» Mystical Brain
» National Geographic: Inside the Milky Way
» Neanderthal - BBC
» Neil deGrasse Tyson: What's the next big thing?
» Nemesis: The Sun's Evil Twin
» NOVA: Can We Live Forever?
» Order And Disorder
» Origins of Us
» Parallel Universes
» Planet of the Apemen - BBC Episode 1 & 2
» PLASMA : Reinventing Space Flight
» Programming of Life
» Project Iceworm: Camp Century
» Project Nim
» Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker
» Rise of the Drones
» Royal Tombs of Ur
» Science and Islam: Ep. 2 - The Empire of Reason
» Science and Islam: Ep. 3 - The Power of Doubt
» Science and Islam: Ep.1 - The Language of Science
» Science Fraud: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?
» Science Under Attack
» Science Under Attack
» Scientific UFO Evidence in Norway
» Season 1 Ep 1- Through The Wormhole: Is There A Creator?
» Season 1 Ep 2 - Through the Wormhole: The Riddle of Black Holes
» Season 1 Ep 3 - Through The Wormhole: Is Time Travel Possible?
» Season 1 Ep 5 - Through The Wormhole: How Did We Get Here?
» Season 1 Ep 6 - Through The Wormhole: Are We Alone?
» Season 1 Ep 8 - Through The Wormhole: Beyond The Darkness
» Season 2 Ep 1 - Through the Wormhole: Is there Life after Death?
» Season 2 Ep 2 - Through the Wormhole: Is There an Edge to the Universe?
» Season 2 Ep 3 - Through the Wormhole: Does Time Exist?
» Season 2 Ep 5 - Through The Wormhole: Is there a Sixth Sense?
» Season 2 Ep 6 - Through The Wormhole: Are There Parallel Universes?
» Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell
» Secrets of Future Air Power: F-22 RAPTOR
» Seven Ages of Starlight
» Steel on Modern Marvels
» Stephen Fry : The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive ( Part 1 & 2 )
» Strange Days on Planet Earth
» Strange Matters - 2015
» Surviving a Car Crash
» Telepathy - Naked Science
» Testosterone Factor - Explorer
» The Amber Time Machine (BBC)
» The Beauty of Diagrams
» The Big Question - Why Are We Here? (Richard Dawkins)
» The Brain Our Universe Within - Discovery Channel
» The Brain that Changes itself
» The Cell
» The Collapse of Intelligent Design: Kenneth R. Miller Lecture
» The Creative Brain How Insight Works
» The Cross of the Moment - interviews with Bill McKibben, Gary Snyder, Derrick Jensen, Peter D. Ward, Jill Stein, Bill Patzert, and Guy McPherson.
» The Day We Learned to Think
» The Ebola virus: The Search for a Cure
» The Elegant Universe - The string theory, which may unify the forces of nature. Scientific commentary is provided by Brian Greene, a professor of physics at Columbia
» The English Surgeon
» The Fabric of the Cosmos
» The Family That Walks On All Fours
» The Gender Puzzle: What Makes a Boy or a Girl.
» The Genius of Britain
» The Ghost in Your Genes - Epigenetics
» The Great Sperm Race
» The Greatest Show on Earth: A conversation with Richard Dawkins
» The gulf stream and the next ice age
» The Hawking Paradox
» The History of Mathematics: To Infinity & Beyond
» The Human Body
» The Human Body - BBC
» The Human Face
» The Human Family Tree
» The Human Mind
» The Hunt for the Higgs
» The illusion of Time: We've all been deceived. Our perceptions of time and space have led us astray. Much of what we thought we knew about our universe
» The Incredible Human Journey
» The Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen
» The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey
» The Lost World of Lake Vostok
» The Magic of the Unconscious
» The Mission to Clone the Woolly Mammoth
» The Real Eve
» The Real Neanderthal Man
» The Science & Art of Cheese
» The Science Behind the Bike
» The Secret Life of the Brain
» The Secret Life of the Brain - PBS
» The Secret Life of Your Bodyclock
» The Secret Of Nikola Tesla
» The Secret World of Pain - Trailer
» The Secret You BBC
» The Secrets Of Quantum Physics
» The Seven Wonders of the Microbe World
» The Shape of Life
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» The Story of Maths
» The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion
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» The Truth About Personality
» The Universe: Beyond The Big Bang
» The War On Consciousness: The Talk That Gave TED Indigestion
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» Theory of Uncertain Principles
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» Time Machine
» To Mars By A-Bomb - The Secret History of Project Orion - BBC
» Total Isolation BBC
» Tutankhamun's Fireball - BBC - a team of scientists is on a mission. Their aim is to discover why tons of most unusual glass is lying in the middle of the desert.
» Understanding The Universe
» USA - Rise of the Machines
» Violent Universe
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